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59% have thought about dropping out of university, with 36% considering it due to money problems. The average student spends £795pm, which is £223 less than they generally get from their Maintenance Loan each month. 74% of students rely on part-time work for money. Three quarters of students have turned to their university for mental health support. 4% have done sex work, but one in 10 would do it in a cash emergency. Average starting salary expectations have risen from £19,707 to?£22,107 – but there's a very concerning gender pay gap. hF w

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L bFOperated by the same company that runs the popular Rakuten cash-back shopping portal, Rakuten Insight offers quick surveys with very high pay rates. The only downside is the low number of surveys available, which limits your overall earning potential.Y X G

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Looking to sell your home? You might want to consider digging a hole and burying a statue of St. Joseph in your yard.E p y

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